Remembering What I Was Missing

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2020

As I rushed out the door each morning I was missing something….

I was missing the sun making it’s way through my windows, streaming it’s light across the bedroom floor.

I remember now how it feels to pause as I awake and linger in the sweet stillness…just a moment longer.

I was missing the sounds of the wind through the trees and the songs of the birds.

Now I greet each morning with my presence and listen to the birds sing a joyful “hello”

I was missing the inspiring words and actions of everyday people stepping into their courage and shining their light in the world.

I am noticing now how this fills my heart with hope and joy.

It lifts me up and beckons me to step forward into my own courage, so that I too might share my light.

As I went about my busy days I was missing a connection with others and with myself.

But today I remember who I really am and I realize that we are all connected in more ways than we may know.

To our everyday Heros

Thank you for your caring, hard work and sacrifice.
You are deeply appreciated, respected and admired.
Be well as you share your gifts of goodness in our world.

To my world community-

May you too be well my friends through this challenging and uncertain time and know you're not alone.


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